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Being aware of how your breasts normally look and feel is an important part of keeping up with your breast health. The most common sign of breast cancer is a new breast lump or mass.

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Breast Cancer Symptoms: 10 Hidden Signs to Look For If your breasts are red and swollen, your body is telling you something is wrong, Healthline explains. This symptom may be caused by a breast infection or inflammatory breast cancer.

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If You Have Breast Cancer - American Cancer Society If You Have Breast Cancer What is breast cancer? Cancer can start any place in the body. Cancer that starts in the breast is called breast cancer.

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Symptoms and Signs - National Breast Cancer Foundation Have you noticed changes in your breasts recently? Many breast cancer symptoms are invisible and not noticeable without a professional screening, but some symptoms can be caught early just by being proactive about your breast health.

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Breast Cancer Treatment (PDQ®)—Patient Version - National. Breast cancer treatment depends on several factors and can include combinations of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone, and targeted therapy. Learn more about how breast cancer is diagnosed and treated in this expert-reviewed summary.

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Staging & Grade - Breast Cancer | Johns Hopkins Pathology As a patient, the stage and grade of your breast cancer tumor will guide your treatment and have an impact on prognosis. Learn what staging and grade mean, as well as how they are calculated.

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CDC - What Is a Mammogram? - Breast Cancer Regular mammograms are the best tests doctors have to find breast cancer early.

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Breast Changes and Conditions - National Cancer Institute Breast changes include benign conditions and those that increase the risk of breast cancer. Symptoms and treatment of breast conditions such as ADH, ALH, cysts, DCIS, and LCIS are explained to women who may have received an abnormal mammogram finding.

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9 Pictures of Breast Cancer - Healthline Breast cancer is the uncontrollable growth of malignant cells in the breasts. It’s the most common cancer in women, although it can also develop in men.

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know. Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is a rare subtype of breast cancer, but one you need to know about. It is becoming more common in the United States, comprising five to ten percent of all breast cancer diagnoses.

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